L-Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside

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Ascorbyl glucoside is a natural active substance containing Vitamin C structure, but it is stable. Ascorbyl glucoside can effectively inhibit formation of melanin, dilute the skin color, reduce age spots and freckles pigmentation. Ascorbyl glucoside also has the role of lightening skin, anti-aging skin, etc..

  • Product Name: L-Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside
  • INCI Name: Ascorbyl glucoside
  • Synonyms: Ascorbyl glucoside, Vitamin C glucoside
  • CAS No.: 129499-78-1
  • Molecular Formula: C12H18O11
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    AA-2G (Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside) is a kind of natural vitamin-C, containing glucose stable composition. The component makes vitamin-C to be made cosmetics conveniently and effectively,containing AA-2G Cream and emulsion for skin, through the enzyme on the skin and alpha glycosidase enzyme action, beneficial components in vitamins-C of AA-2G can be sent out slowly.

    The AA2G was developed for medication cosmetics in Japan before, to dilute the color, reduce age spots and freckles pigment precipitation. Further studies show that also has other functions, now all over the world use AA-2G , not only used for whitening, but also it can brighten the dark skin,anti-aging, protect the skin in sunscreen products.

    Key Technical Parameters:

    Appearance Crystalline white powder
    Assay 98%min
    Melting point About 190℃
    pH 2.1~2.6
    Clarity of solution Clear
    Colour of solution ≤BY7
    Copper ≤5 ppm
    Heavy metal ≤10 ppm
    Mercury <0.1mg/kg
    Lead <2mg/kg
    Arsenic ≤3ppm
    Cadmium(Cd) <1mg/kg
    Oxalic Acid ≤0.2%
    Iron ≤2ppm
    Loss on drying ≤0.4%
    Sulphate Ash(Residue on Ignition) ≤0.1%
    Specific Optical Rotation +20.5°~ +21.5°
    Mesh 40~80Mesh
    Organic Volatile Impurities Pass

    Functions and Advantage:

    1.High stability

    Glucose and C2 hydroxy of vitamin-C connected in the AA-2G , C2 hydroxyl is natural vitamin C activity places, but also vitamin C the place of decline. Glucose protect vitamin C avoid high temperature, pH, metal ions and other mechanical cracking to effect.

    2.Vitamin C activity lasting

    When products containing AA-2G for skin, glycosidase activity gradually release the vitamin C, to make vitamin C beneficial ingredients can keep for a long time.

    3. Brighten skin

    The AA-2G and vitamin C are the same basic function, through the synthesis of melanin inhibiting melanin cells to prevent pigmentation of the skin, reduce melanin content of existing, and reduce skin pigmentation.

    4. Simple Formula

    Compared with the natural vitamin C, AA-2G better solubility,It’s relatively stable in many pH value environments , especially in the pH value 5 – 7 environment, but also for skin care product formulations of conventional environment. Compared with other vitamin C formula, AA-2G formula is more simple.

    5. Healthy skin

    AA-2G release vitamin C slowly, can pass through the human skin fibroblasts promote collagen synthesis, and increase skin flexibility, AA-2G enables these features more durable.Human skin fibroblasts were placed in the reference conditions, vitamin (AsA; 0.25mM) or AA2G (0.25mM) in about 1-5 days, collagen synthesis and total protein synthesis ratio can be determined, which reflect the AA2G Can promote collagen synthesis, AA2G Excitation effect sustainable 5 whole days.

    6. Sunscreen

    The skin of directly exposed in the sun will be affected by ozone radiation, this is the cause of skin injury and redness, The slow decomposition of vitamin C of AA2G, has a radiation purification function, and thus reduce skin inflammation and roughness.

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