What Is Ascorbyl Glucoside?

Ascorbyl Glucoside, popularly known as AA-2G, is a stable type of vitamin C that can be mixed in water immediately. It is synthesized by glucol and L-Ascorbic Acid.It is effective both in whitening to brighten the skin. And the reduction of free radicals Stimulate the synthesis of collagen of the skin.



At the risk of channeling overly complicated, high school chemistry class vibes, ascorbyl glucoside is a water-soluble form of vitamin C that’s combined with glucose, a sugar. In the world of vitamin C and its derivatives, l-ascorbic acid is the most potent, pure version (just like retinoic acid is when you’re talking about retinoids).Once ascorbyl glucoside is absorbed into the skin, an enzyme called alpha-glucosidas breaks it down into l-ascorbic acid. This is why you then get all those awesome vitamin C effects such as skin-brightening and wrinkle-smoothing,in this case, because it’s undergone a conversion process, it’s much less likely to cause irritation.

Ascorbyl Glucoside vs. Ordinary Vitamin C

- Ascorbyl Glucoside is stable even in water. Or the heat does not exceed 40 degrees, making it easy to mix.

- Ascorbyl Glucoside has the same bioavailability as L-Ascorbic Acid, unlike other Vitamin C derivatives. Such as Sodium     Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP) / Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP). Which cannot be easily absorbed into the skin  

Figure 1: Comparison of the stability of Ascorbyl Glucoside and Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) in water. Found that Ascorbyl Glucoside is clearly more stable than L-Ascorbic Acid.

AA2G research1 (1)

Figure 2: Comparison of uptake into fibroblast in the subcutaneous layer. Ascorbyl Glucoside can be absorbed into the skin for a longer period of time. Even at lower levels of Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Acid in the first

AA2G research2

Figure 3: Comparison of skin applications where the degradation of the skin Ascorbyl Glucoside and is easily applied, even compared to L-Ascorbic Acid, which can be used immediately without further degradation.

AA2G research3

Figure 4: Comparison of whitening efficacy Ascorbyl Glucoside shows that Can help fade the skin color.

AA2G research4

Benefits of Ascorbyl Glucoside for Skin

Ascorbyl glucoside is a natural active substance containing Vitamin C structure, but it is stable. Ascorbyl glucoside can effectively inhibit formation of melanin, dilute the skin color, reduce age spots and freckles pigmentation. Ascorbyl glucoside also has the role of lightening skin, anti-aging skin, etc.



  • Fights free radicals: Think of antioxidants, ascorbyl glucoside included, as little Pac-Men working to scavenge up pesky (and skin-damaging) free radicals that are formed when we’re exposed to things such as UV rays and pollution.Antioxidants tend to have a synergistic effect when combined, which is why this ingredient works so well when paired with other commonly used antioxidants such as vitamin E or ferulic acid.
  • Promotes brighter skin: Ascorbyl glucoside ultimately converts into l-ascorbic acid, which is a choice ingredient for both helping to fade existing dark marks and ward off the production of new ones by interfering in the melanin (color) production process in the skin.
  • Boosts collagen production: More collagen equals stronger, smoother, less-wrinkled skin and once ascorbyl glucoside breaks down into l-ascorbic acid it can do just that, stimulating the production of this essential protein.




Post time: Jun-14-2022