Pharmaceutical Excipients

  • Povidone


    PVP K is a hygroscopic polymer ,supplied in white or creamy white powder,raning from low to high viscosity & low to high molecular weight with solubility in aqueous and organic solvents,each characterized by K Value.PVP K is Solubility in water and many oter organic solvents.,Hygroscopicity,Film former ,Adhesive,Intial tack ,Complex forma-tion,Stabilization,Solubilization,Crosslinkability ,Biological compatibility andToxicological safeness.

  • Copovidone


    Copovidone with 60/40 ration of N-Vinylpyrrolidone to Vinyl Acetate,soluble in most organic solvents.Which exists in powder,Copovidone forms hard,water-removable and glossy films,it has excellent compatibility with many plasticizers and modifiers. Good solubility in water,alcohol and other organic solvents. Key Technical Parameters: Appearance White or yellowish-white powder or flakes,hygroscopic Viscosity(Express as K Value) 25.20~30.24 Solubility Freely soluble in water,in alcohol an...
  • Crospovidone


    Crospovidone is a crosslinked PVP,insoluble PVP,it is hygroscopic,insoluble in water and all other common solvents,but it swells rapidly in aqueous solutbition without any gel froms.Its; classified as Crospovidone Type A and Type B according to the different particle size. Key Technical Parameters: Product Crospovidone Type A Crospovidone Type B Appearance White or yellowish-white powder or flakes Identifications A.Infrared Absorption B.No blue color develops. C.A Suspension is for...
  • Lactose Monohydrate

    Lactose Monohydrate

    Lactose Monohydrate  is white,tasteless,crystalline powder.It has good compressibility and miscibility due to its fine particle and high specific surface area.This product complying with the requests of USP/EP/BP/JP and CP standard,which widely applied to the wet granulation,it can meet differrent needs owing to its various particle size distribution(40Mesh,60Mesh,80Mesh,100Mesh,120Mesh,200Mesh,300Mesh).
  • Sieved Lactose

    Sieved Lactose

    It is white,tasteless,crystalline powder with good fluidity.The coarse particle Lactose produced through crystallization process can be devided into many specifications with narrow size distributrion after sieving(40Mesh,60Mesh,80Mesh,100Mesh,120Mesh). Sieved Lactose consists of single crystal and a little caking of crystals.The products of differrent specifications can be used for various ocassions. The Wet granulation is not a requiste process for capsule filling due to good miscibility,flu...
  • Spray-Drying Lactose

    Spray-Drying Lactose

    Spray-Drying Lactose is white,tasteless powder with excellent fluidity.It has excellent fluidity,mixing uniformity and good compressibility due to spherical particle and narrow size distribution,it is suitable for direct compression especially,the ideal choice for capsule filling and granule filling. Application Advantages: Quick disintegration due to good water solubility;Good tablet hardness due to spray drying;It can be uniformly distributed in low doages formula for the drug ingredient;Th...
  • Lactose Compounds

    Lactose Compounds

    Lactose-Starch Compound Spray-drying compound consisting of 85% Lactose Monohydrate and 15% corn starch.It is developed through direct compression,and it integrates excellent fluidity,compressibility and disintegration.   Lactose-Cellulose Compound It’s a kind of spray-drying compound consisting of 75% Alpha Lactose Monohydrate and 25% cellulose powder.The produc has excellent fluidity,and is specially designed for direct compression.The tableting technology becomes simple and economica due t...