PVP Polymers 2

  • Povidone


    Povidone is homopolymer of 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone (Polyvinylpyrrolidone),freely soluble in water,in ethanol (96%),in methanol,and other organic solvents,veryslightly soluble in acetone.It’s a hygroscopic polymer ,supplied in white or creamy white powder or flakes,ranging from low to high viscosity & low to high molecular weight,which characterized by K Value,with excellent hygroscopisty,film-forming,adhesive,chemical stability and toxicological safeness characters. Key Technical Parameters...
  • Copovidone


    Copovidone with 60/40 ration of N-Vinylpyrrolidone to Vinyl Acetate,soluble in most organic solvents.Which exists in powder,Copovidone forms hard,water-removable and glossy films,it has excellent compatibility with many plasticizers and modifiers. Good solubility in water,alcohol and other organic solvents. Key Technical Parameters: Appearance White or yellowish-white powder or flakes,hygroscopic Viscosity(Express as K Value) 25.20~30.24 Solubility Freely soluble in water,in alcohol an...
  • Crospovidone


    Crospovidone is a crosslinked PVP,insoluble PVP,it is hygroscopic,insoluble in water and all other common solvents,but it swells rapidly in aqueous solutbition without any gel froms.Its; classified as Crospovidone Type A and Type B according to the different particle size. Key Technical Parameters: Product Crospovidone Type A Crospovidone Type B Appearance White or yellowish-white powder or flakes Identifications A.Infrared Absorption B.No blue color develops. C.A Suspension is for...