PVP Polymers 3

  • Technical Grade PVP

    Technical Grade PVP

    Polyvinylpyrollidone(PVP)Technical Grade products are existing as powder and water solution form,and being supplied in a wide molecular weight range,easily dissolve in water,alcohol and other organic solvents.They are highly hygroscopicity,excellent film-forming capacity,adhesiveness and chemical stability,none toxicity. Key Technical Parameters: Product PVP K15P PVP K17 PVP K25 PVP K30 PVP K90 PVP K30L PVP K85L PVP K90L Appearance White or off-white powder Colorless to slightly yellowis...
  • Technical Grade VP/VA Copolymer

    Technical Grade VP/VA Copolymer

    VP/VA Copolymers are with different rations of vinylpyrrolidone to vinyl acetate and available as white powder or clear transparent solutions in water,ethanol and isopropanol.It’s forms hard,glossy,flexible,water-removable,oxygen permeable films which adhere to glass,plastics and metals,these properties,coupled with the ability to control their hydrophilicity through monomer composition,lead to extensive its industrial application. Key Technical Parameters: Product PVP/VA 64 Powder PV...
  • PVPP


    PVPP is a crosslinked PVP,it is hygroscopic,insoluble in water and all other common solvents,but it swells rapidly in aqueous solutbition without any gel froms. Key Technical Parameters: Product PVPP (One Way) PVPP(Regenerate) Appearance White to off-white,hygroscopic,free-flowing powder Solubility Insoluble in water and other common solvents. Odour of the suspension Faint,Typical Nitrogen 11.0-12.8% 11.0-12.8% Heavy metals(As Pb) 10ppm max. 10ppm max. Lead 2 ppm max. 2 ppm max...