Tetra-Needle Like Zinc Oxide Whisker

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  • Product Name: Tetra-Needle Like Zinc Oxide Whisker
  • Synonmys: T-ZnOw,Tetra-Needle Like ZnO Whisker
  • CAS NO.: 1314-13-2
  • Molecular Formula: ZnO
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    Tetra-Needle like Zinc Oxide Whisker,also named as Tetra-Needle like ZnO Whisker.

    Tetra-Needle like Zinc Oxide Whisker is a high tech material,which is a new product we are in the developing with a famous Chinese University,an ‘Enterprise-University Cooperation’ Project.Tetra-Needle Like Zinc Oxide Whisker has excellent properties for using in multi-industries.

    Super High Strength:Tetra-Needle like ZnO Whisker as single crystal wurtzite structure,has almost no structural defects,belonging to the ideal crystal which has high mechanical strength and elastic modulus.The Tensile strength reached 1.0×104 mPa.while elastic modulus reached 3.5×105 mPa.Both of them are closing to the theoretical strength value.

    *Isotropic:Special stereo Tetra-Needle structure,make it’s having the enhancement and the modified effect in fully isotropic.It ensures the isotropic of materials and product in the mechanical properties,size uniformity,thermal shrinkage,thermal deformation and other performance etc.

    *Excellent Heat Resistance:Since the melting point of ZnO is higher than 1800℃,Tetra-Needle like ZnO Whisker could resist the high temperature of 1720℃.In atmosphere pressure of the air,the portion of the tip of Nano structure might be damaged in the temperature over 1000℃.

    *Adjustable Electrical Properties:ZnO belongs to N-Type semiconductor.It could control electrical properties of conductive,piezoelectric and varistor by the way of doping.

    *Nanometer Semiconductor Active:The special structure shows the special tip nano activity.The semiconductor properties of non-strict stoichiometric,has released active oxygen.Its macro performance is to anti bacterial and purificate environment of high efficient,broad-spectrum,and lasting.

    Key Technical Paramaters:

    Appearance White Loose Powder
    Microstructure Tetra needle,Nano Tip
    Needle Length 10~50μm
    Needle Diameter 0.5~5μm
    Appearance Density 0.2±0.1 g/cm3
    Real Density 5.3±0.2 g/cm3
    whiteness 80% min.
    Powder Resistence 105~108Ω.cm
    Thermal Expansion coefficient 4.0×10-6  %/℃
    Heat Resistance 1000℃ min.


    *Polymer Antistatic agent(White,High Efficiency,Permanent,and Enchance,Abrasive Resistance).

    *Wear non slip material (such as high-grade rubber tires, brake, resistant gear, rubber conveyor belts).

    * Microwave absorbing material (absorbing stealth, microwave thermal conversion, anti electromagnetic interference, anti microwave radiation).

    * Vibration and noise reduction material (structural damping, industry damping, sound insulation and noise reduction material).

    *Ceramic toughening materials (craft ceramics, structural ceramics, and special ceramics).

    *Composite materials (improve the mechanical properties, process ability, strength and modulus of elasticity).

    *Antibacterial algae proof composite (household electrical appliances, daily necessities, textiles, paint).

    *Formaldehyde and various organic compounds decomposition material (decoration materials, indoor air treatment). 

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