Have you ever found panthenol in the ingredient list of cosmetics? Do you know why panthenol is widely used in the beauty industry? If you don’t know, what is panthenol in cosmetics? What is the role of panthenol in cosmetics! You’ll see after reading it!

Panitol is a precursor of vitamin b5, so it is also more “proamitinb5″. Panthenol is a colorless to slightly yellow, transparent and sticky liquid with a slightly special odor, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical, feed, food and cosmetic industries.

1. Skin conditioning panthenol and vitamin b6 absorbed by the skin can increase the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin and promote the metabolism of protein, sugar and fat.

2.The molecular weight of panthenol is small, so it can effectively penetrate into the stratum corneum layer, moisturize the stratum corneum on the skin surface, and play a strong moisturizing role.

3. Improving rough skin Pantothenol can play an effective role in improving rough skin and making the skin soft.

4. Care Hair panitol can enter the hair, improve hair luster, reduce hair forks, repair damaged hair and continuously moisturize hair.

5. Nail panitol can increase hydration and improve nail flexibility.

Do you understand what panthenol is in cosmetics? Do you know the role of panthenol in cosmetics? In the future, if you see panthenol in the ingredient list of cosmetics, I believe you will know what it represents!

Post time: Mar-09-2023