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Hesperetin is a trihydroxyflavanone having the three hydroxy gropus located at the 3′-, 5- and 7-positions and an additional methoxy substituent at the 4′-position. It has a role as an antioxidant, an antineoplastic agent and a plant metabolite. It is a monomethoxyflavanone,a trihydroxyflavanone, a member of 3′-hydroxyflavanones and a member of 4′-methoxyflavanones.

  • Product Name: Hesperetin
  • Synonyms: Hesperitin, 3',5,7-Trihydroxy-4'-methoxyflavanone
  • Molecular Formula: C16H14O6
  • CAS No.: 520-33-2
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    Hesperetin is a conjugate acid of a Hesperetin.Hesperetin belongs to the flavanone  class of flavonoids. Hesperetin is a white,crystalline substance having a sweetish taste,obtained by the decomposition of hesperidin.Hesperetin in the form of its glycoside hesperidin,is the predominant flavonoid in lemons and organges.Hesperetin is one of the Citrus bioflavonoid.It is solid substance,light-brown crystalline powder,poorly soluble in water.Hesperetin belongs to the flavanone class of flavonoids.The flavones and flavonoids are a widespread group of nature products with a variety of reported beneficial health effects.Flavonoids have been implicated as possible active agents in the dietary benefits of citrus fruits.Hesperetin is a citrus flavonoid that has been reported to lower plasma cholesterol.


    Key Technical Parameters:

    Appearance Light yellow to off-white powder
    Odor None to slight
    Particle size 95% Through 80 mesh
    Heavy metals 10 ppm max.
    As 1 ppm max.
    Hg 0.1 ppm max.
    Pb 1 ppm max.
    Cd 1ppm max.
    Water 5.0% max.
    Sulphated Ash 01%max.
    Solvent Residue 500 ppm max.
    Assy(on dry basis) 98.0% min
    Bacteria 1000CFU/g max.
    Yeast & Mould 100CFU/g max.
    Salmonella Negative
    Escherichia Coli Negative


    Hesperetin is a phytoestrogen and flavanone found in citrus plants thatnexhibits analgesic,antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative,cardioprotective, anti-fibrotic, anticancer, and anti-metastatic activities. 

    Hesperetin inhibits mechanical and thermal hyperalgesia and allodynia and decreases production of IL-6,IL-1β, and TNF-α in animal models. In vitro, hesperetin decreases Ca2+ influx by inhibiting L-type Ca2+channels, inducing vasorelaxation. Additionally, hesperetin increases expression of catalase, glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione peroxidase and decreases expression of lipid peroxidase in vivo.The Symrise invention primarily relates to the use of hesperetin and/or thensalts thereof for enhancing the sweet taste of sweet-tasting substances or the sweet olfactory impression of flavourings which give a sweet olfactory impression. The invention thus primarily relates to the use of said substances as sweetness enhancers. The invention also relates to specific preparations which contain an effective content of hesperetin and/or the salts thereof and to processes for enhancing the sweet taste of the sweet-tasting substance or the sweet olfactory impression of a flavouring which gives a sweet olfactory impression.


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